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My name's Kristen. I'm seventeen. That is enough information right?
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poems from my uncles grave (via irynka)

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13 things my uncle told me before he died:
not everyone has the blessing to understand sadness
when waiting at the bus stop, it’s okay to smoke cigarettes
never touch anyone else’s clothes at the laundromat
it’s okay to miss the people who were bullets to you
when your grandmother asks you how you are, be honest
never be afraid to say “no” even after you’ve said “yes”
if someone tells you graffiti isn’t art, prove them wrong
remember people by their eye color not their clothes
you’re allowed to like dark chocolate with tangerines
don’t lie that you don’t have a lighter when you really do
turn your phone off every once in a while and find the moon
if you want a tattoo, don’t let anyone tell you not to get it
if you ever find yourself at the graveyard, read the names


Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am

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I think the snapchats of my math teacher are the only thing I’ll be remembered for and I’m okay with that

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IS ANYBODY ELSE FUCKING CRYING ABOUT THIS SHOW YET OR????? Like the fact that they made one girl question her sexuality after this fiasco with her BEST FRIEND. It’s just beautiful. And the gays. All the gays in this show I am so damn proud of you MTV. Ugh. My cries. So many cries.


i refuse to watch MTV’s Faking It because far too many queer people pretend to be heterosexual so they can survive and here’s a show with pretty, straight white girls pretending to be lesbians. that’s not cool, MTV. that’s not cool at all. there is nothing glamourous or sexy about being in a marginalized community. 

I’m gay and this show is rad as fuck and doesn’t offended me at all because a character realizes she was gay and its cute as fuck

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"You were right, I have been selfish and I dragged into my stupid plan against your will."

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